EventsMonday 13 March 2017

2017 Sanremo in Fiore: and the winner is...

Sanremo in fiore has become one of the leading events not only in Sanremo, but nationally as well.

Sanremo in Fiore just concluded its 2017 edition, an event that each year brings in the city of flowers thousands of tourists.

2017 theme was dedicated to 'Super Heroes' and Santo Stefano al Mare is the winner of this edition with its God Thor. Ospedaletti earned 2nd place with Flash while Taggia third with Batman. Sanremo paraded out of competition with a wagon dedicated to Libereso Guglielmi.

About 50,000 people watched the parade. At least 20,000 have come on board of as many as 400 coaches. 2017 Sanremo in fiore has received more visitors than 2016's edition.

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