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Castelvittorio Turtun's Festival tomorrow!

Castel Vittorio’s 49th edition of the Turtun Festival will take place tomorrow, Sunday July 30th with a special contest to award the best Turtun!

Castelvittorio Turtun's Festival tomorrow!

All is ready for Castel Vittorio’s 49th edition of the Turtun Festival taking place tomorrow, Sunday July 30th.
"Turtun" comes from a hearthy peasant cooking tradition, when women combined raw ingredients, simple and earthy but rich in taste and fragrance. Just after cooking the bread, in a still hot oven, women used to put the Turtun without using a baking tray and marking it with their initials to be able to recognize after baking.

In order to preserve the most authentic recipe, the town of Castelvittorio, in collaboration with the local Proloco, invites all citizens to participate to the 49th edition of the festival; this year an interesting food contest will also take place, where all the cooking lovers and not from the village will be able to participate to compete for the best Turtun.

A very special jury will judge participants’ skillfullness: star chef Paolo Masieri as president together with journalists Claudio Porchia and Roberto Pisani, writer Raffaella Fenoglio, blogger Sally Semeria, chef Federico Lanteri, Nutritionist Federica Leuzzi and Guido Faissola, the oldest man in the village - just turned 105 years old - who will contribute to choosing the best Turtun.

Beginning at 4 o'clock in the main square, jurors will work to identify the winners based on scores attributed to shape, color, taste, fragrance, texture and beauty of the typical Turtun’s "wrinkles".
Whoever intends to participate must prepare a turtun and must deliver it to the Pro Loco of Castelvittorio. Participation is free and the presented turtun will not be returned but will be distributed to the public!
Award ceremony will take place at approximately 5 pm.

Here's the Festival’s program:
· H. 4.00pm jury begins
· H. 5.00pm TURTUN distribution and winner proclamation
· H. 8.00pm Dinner with grill and music

Throughout the day there will be a FREE shuttle available going from Pigna to Castelvittorio

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