Itineraries Monday 23 April, 09:46

Piedmont Region: "Parks to taste" is inaugurated on the occasion of the European Week of Protected Areas [Photogallery]

Local products, Itineraries, Places of interest, Gallery | Thursday 19 April

From 19 May to 1 July, in the protected areas of the Maritime Alps, there will be a review of gastronomy and events

Valle Argentina: Riverbed trekking, walking upstream [Video Gallery]

Itineraries, Video | Monday 16 April

"Streambed Trekking", innovative and entertaining practice of ascending streams.

Monaco: Prince Albert II has inaugurated the unique botanical center

Itineraries, Places of interest, Gallery | Friday 13 April

The Exotic Garden of Monaco has been unique since it opened in 1933. It combines in a representative environment a variety of so-called "succulent" plants.

Beigua Nature Park: A Mosaic of Environments [Video and Photo Gallery]

Itineraries, Places of interest, Gallery, Video | Tuesday 27 March

In a territory rich in contrasts like Liguria, set between the mountains and the sea, Beigua Park - the largest regional park in Liguria - well represents the features of the region, where it is possible to find very different...

Valle Maira: A small region in south Piedmont, between France and Pianura Padana [Video & Photo Gallery]

Itineraries, Places of interest, Gallery, Video | Monday 26 March

Every place in Valle Maira shows the signs of ancient history, written by the slow transformations of the land through the geological eras and by the constant and respectful dialogue of man and nature.

Acquario di Genova Total immersion into the marine world [Video & photo gallery]

Places of interest, Itineraries, Gallery, Video | Thursday 22 March

A good idea for your Easter holidays, also for your kids.

Bordighera: The Beodo Path for a wonderful hike [Video & photo gallery]

Itineraries, Places of interest, Gallery, Video | Tuesday 20 March

"It is one of the most exciting walks in Bordighera, which no artist could forget", exclaimed Charles Garnier: "it is a continuous succession of places in which shape and elegance harmonize."

Turin: The typical Royal Snack

Places of interest, Itineraries | Thursday 15 February

La Merenda Reale Torino is a tradition born in the distant '700 to the court of Savoy to calm the appetite of the nobles in the time that passed between lunch and dinner and after dinner (the royal snack could be served, in fact,...

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