Itineraries Sunday 25 June, 07:16

Dronero: three days dedicated to the discovery of historical and artistic beauties

Itineraries, Events, Places of interest | Tuesday 20 June

On Saturday June 24th and Sunday, June 25th, 2017, the fifth edition of "Dronero Un Borgo Ritrovato, among ancient mansions and secluded gardens", the event that guides visitors to the discovery of historical and...

A Summer Solstice hike

Itineraries | Monday 19 June

Let’s celebrate the arrival of Summer with an easy hike from San Romolo to Monte Caggio at sunset.

Wild Horses in Aveto Regional Natural Park

Places of interest, Itineraries | Monday 05 June

A pack of about 40 wild horses has been roaming freely, through pastures and beech trees, in the Regional Natural Park of Aveto, in Liguria.

Villa Faraldi Slow starts today

Events, Itineraries | Saturday 20 May

In Villa Faraldi, a rich Spring-Summer calendar filled with great activities for adults and children to promote the area and respect for nature

Sentiero Liguria: an amazing coastal hiking trail overlooking the Ligurian sea

Itineraries, Places of interest | Saturday 13 May

The new Sentiero Liguria, a 600km-long hiking trail going along the Ligurian coast and connecting the region’s western and easternmost points.

Tenda Express train is back

Places of interest, Itineraries | Friday 12 May

Tenda Express train goes from Switzerland to Italy and back.

The Flysch Trail in High Argentina Valley

Itineraries, Places of interest | Saturday 08 April

On April 23rd, 2017, a hike to discover more on Ligurian Alps’ birth and evolution.

Let's enjoy Spring and go hiking around Maira Valley

Itineraries, Places of interest, Gallery | Saturday 01 April

Here are three great itineraries to enjoy with trips coming up at the end of April.

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