Itineraries Friday 19 January, 18:14

Nice: a multi-faceted destination. The sun that shines 300 days a year!

Itineraries | Friday 12 January

The art of living Down narrow little streets or squares, on sun-drenched beaches or in the shade of tree-lined parks... ..

Accademia Europea delle Essenze is much more than a museum in Savigliano

Itineraries | Wednesday 10 January

It is a sensorial centre which tells a unique journey among perfumes, art, history and technology.

Genova's historic centre: lose yourself in the mediaeval streets and traditional old workshops

Itineraries | Friday 15 December

At the corners, be sure to lift your gaze to admire the magnificent votive niches donated by ancient guilds to illuminate the streets at night.

Toirano Caves: a journey into the depth of the earth

Itineraries | Wednesday 29 November

The itinerary begins from the Bàsura Cave, the most spectacular of all. Here for millennia the bear of the caverns found shelter

The history of the English is almost a fairy tale in Alassio

Itineraries | Friday 17 November

The end of this isolation was signalled by the construction of the coastal railway which in 1872 connected London to Genoa.

Traditional dishes and local specialties of Genova.....

Itineraries | Saturday 11 November

The cuisine of Liguria and Genoa tastefully reveals the character of the land and the ingenuity of its people

Discovery 'Underground of Alba', guided tours in the city

Itineraries | Wednesday 11 October

Guided tours of the Underground of Alba every second and fourth Sunday of the month from 3.00 pm, every third Saturday of themonth from 10.30 am.

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