Itineraries Monday 23 October, 22:28

Discovery 'Underground of Alba', guided tours in the city

Itineraries | Wednesday 11 October

Guided tours of the Underground of Alba every second and fourth Sunday of the month from 3.00 pm, every third Saturday of themonth from 10.30 am.

Nava Freeride: a hidden freeride gem in the Ligurian Alps

Itineraries, Places of interest, Gallery, Video | Saturday 26 August

Nava Freeride is a passionate mountain bike company operating in the Ligurian Alps, at Colle di Nava, offering amazing freeride tours in the beautiful mountains just less than one hour away from Imperia.

Free guided hikes on the new Sentiero Liguria

Itineraries | Thursday 24 August

The Liguria Region is promoting a hiking calendar to let people discover the newborn Liguria Trail, a hiking trail that joins - along the coastline – opposite ends of the region

I Sapori della Balconata: a “delicious” hike not to miss on Sunday, August 27th

Itineraries, Gallery | Friday 18 August

A wonderful food-and-wine hike among Upper Tanaro Valley's boroughs discovering nature and a land filled with history and beauty.

A unique and picturesque evening in Upega

Itineraries, Local products, Gallery | Sunday 13 August

Many were the participants to this roaming dinner, where delicious dishes from Cucina Bianca tradition were served in the village's corners, alleys and ancient ovens.

Travelling on a steam train to the National Chestnut Fair

Events, Itineraries | Thursday 10 August

On October 15th, a great ride on a beautiful and charming steam train will take visitors from Turin to Cuneo, on the occasion of the Chestnut National Fair.

Whale watching expeditions in the Ligurian Sea!

Itineraries, Video, Gallery | Friday 28 July

Enjoy the freedom of the open seas while watching these incredibly fascinating animals.

Imperia-Limone 4-day hiking trip is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

Itineraries | Tuesday 25 July

Four days to travel 108 km by foot, from IMPERIA Oneglia to Limone, immersed in nature, walking along ancient streets, crossing breathtaking scenery unknown to many.

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