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From August 22nd to 25th 2019 in Finalborgo, one of the most awaited events in Liguria is on stage [Video & photo gallery]

Finalborgo, the capital of the Del Carretto Marquisate, brought back to the splendor of the fifteenth century during "JOURNEY IN THE MIDDLE AGES".

Credit Facebook site

Credit Facebook site

“As in a dream I imagined a medieval Trovatore who, after having traveled all over the Mediterranean, returns to his small town". On his journey, over a whole year, the errant knight gathered around him mercenaries and jesters from all over Europe, to honor his land and his Lord, the Marquis Giovanni Del Carretto, who in a single night recaptured the Borgo and put an end to the war against the powerful republic of Genoa, as narrated by the historical reporter Gian Mario Filelfo in the tome "Bellum Finariensi" (the War of the Finale), which is the main source from which the Association "Centro Storico del Finale" draws the cues to recall the events in Finalborgo.

Thus a multi-lingual event is well organized by the Finale Ligure Association. A melting pot of different languages ​​and cultures, of arts, vocations, musics and dances that mix, like the ingredients of a magic potion in a "stone flask", rich in history and monuments. Behind the splendid medieval bonbonnière, even the most inattentive tourist has certainly not overlooked the beauty and richness of the village, which the intelligent work of the volunteers has known - with this four-day event - very well emphasize: the medieval walls, the Basilica of San Biagio, the ancient palaces, the Spanish fortress of San Giovanni, the monumental complex of Santa Caterina with its cloisters, the oratory of disciplinants, the auditorium. All dominated by the monument that has been the symbol of the entire town for eight centuries, the Castel Gavone and its diamonds tower.

All local forces are involved in the complex demonstration: among others the merchants and the artisans of the town and the many citizens of the Borgo, who patiently endure for four days that the quiet Finalborgo becomes a natural theater; colorful and noisy capital of medieval Europe. Street artists, actors, fire-eaters, jugglers, musicians, dancers, flag-wavers, raptors, knights, archers, swordsmen, hosts and innkeepers. Professionals of the sector from different locations in Europe meet in the ancient village to compete for squares and streets. Every corner of the Borgo is animated and colored by flags, festoons and medieval signs. Fights between impetuous mercenaries or courteous duels of the knights of fortune. Unexpected events and surprising shows animate the Borgo in every alley.

Crossing the gates of Finalborgo you have the feeling of crossing the gates of time and being immersed in a medieval dream. Ancient shops flourish all over the village where the merchants and artisans of the town, taking the spirit of the medieval festival, accept Finarino, the coin of the Marquisate of Finale. Hundreds of characters alternate in the streets of Finalborgo populated by costumed customers, with streets and squares animated by ladies, knights and commoners, Celtic-medieval music concerts, horse tournaments, torture and live history in order to reproduce the XV century, a period in which the marquisate of the Finale, ruled by the del Carretto, lived its period of greatest splendor. Do not miss the ancient crafts, medieval games and the impeccable and long-awaited medieval dinner at the "Locanda dei Cavalieri" in the splendid setting of the Cloisters of Santa Caterina.


Judit Neuberger

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