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Recipe of the Week: Cuculli

Cuculli are chickpea flour fritters from Ligurian cooking tradition

Credits: incucinaconlostessa.blogspot.it

Credits: incucinaconlostessa.blogspot.it

Cuculli, a Ligurian cuisine delicacy, are tasty fritters made from chickpea flour. They are prepared like other fritters, but the batter preparation needs longer time, as it happens with chickpea flour recipes. In this case the batter is even prepared the night before.

Chickpea flour pancakes are suitable for people with wheat  allegy and celiac disease.

Usually served as hors-d'oeuvre, cuculli are also a perfect street food.


  • chickpea flour
  • water
  • marjoram
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • brewer's yeast


Prepare the batter by mixing flour, water, brewer's yeast and let rest overnight.

The day after, add marjoram, salt and mix again.

Pour batter in small quantities using a spoon in boiling hot olive oil.

Once golden, salt the fritters and serve hot.

Perfectly paired with Vermentino wine.


Deborah Bellotti

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