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Turin: The Parsons Dance Company [Video]

The contemporary dance company founded by choreographer David Parsons in 1987, will be in Turin in 2019 for two shows not to be missed at the Teatro Colosseo.

Credit Manuel L. Romero

Credit Manuel L. Romero

Born from the creative genius of the eclectic choreographer and the light designer Howell Binkley, the Parsons Dance Company is one of the few companies in the world that has managed to establish itself on the international scene, leaving its mark in the collective theatrical imagination and at the same time creating choreographies that have become true "cult" of the world dance.

Their shows are always in demand and have already staged in more than 383 cities spread across 22 countries on five continents and in major theaters and festivals around the world.

Parsons'  Dance perfectly embodies the disruptive power of a dance full of energy and positivity, acrobatic and communicative at the same time. It is now a cornerstone of post-modern dance made in the USA, which can mix techniques and styles without fear, to obtain magical, theatrical, creative and funny effects.

An elegant, airy and virtuosic dance that continues to be accessible to everyone. Since the beginning, the high athletic training of the performers and the great ability of David Parsons to give life to the technique were the distinctive elements of the company. As the New York Times wrote, "The dancers are chosen for their virtuosity, energy and sex appeal, they attack the public like a cyclone, a true force of nature". In the program that we will see in the Italian tour will not miss the famous and highly demanded "Caught" (song of 1982 that David Parsons created for himself), incredible solo on music by Robert Fripp in which the dancer seems suspended in the air thanks to a game of strobe lights. "Caught" is a critically acclaimed modern dance hit: "one of the greatest choreographies of recent times". Alongside this and other classics from the Parsons Dance repertoire, the company will have the honor to present in Italy, in European preview, two other original pieces that will surely fascinate and involve the public. The role of the light designer Howell Binkley (winner of a Tony Award for the Broadway show "Hamilton") is fundamental, enhancing the company's performances with fantasy and imagination, while among the excellent collaborations Luca Missoni has signed the costumes of many pieces.

On February 9th and 10th 2019 will stop in Turin for two unmissable shows.

Hours: 5 pm-11 pm

Teatro Colosseo
via Madama Cristina 71 - Torino

Tickets € 22

You can buy tickets and get more info for the Parsons Dance show in Turin here.

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