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"100% Italy. Hundred Years of Masterpieces ", the great exhibition in Turin

Since November, the Ettore Fico Museum, MEF Outside, Palazzo Barolo and the Mastio della Cittadella in Turin host this great exhibition dedicated to the last hundred years of Italian art, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day.

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Credit Facebook site

The exhibition, which will be open until 10 February 2019, will take place at the same time also in Vercelli and Biella. The exhibition, with an exhaustive history, highlights the leading role that Italian art has had at European and world level during the twentieth century. Every year and every decade have been marked by strong personalities who have influenced the art of the "short century" and beyond; no European nation has indeed been able to offer artists and masterpieces, schools and movements, posters and artistic proclamations with the continuity of  this country.

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The artists considered as strongpoints of international culture will be exhibited, each with one or more works representative of their artistic path and the historical period of belonging. The greatness of the masters can therefore be perceived in an unicum and in an exhibition sequence that will make the visitor have an extraordinary journey that will last a hundred years.

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"100% Italy" proposes to the public attention those masterpieces that are usually kept in private collections and which are hardly exposed publicly to give, as well as a complete picture on the scientific level, a selection of exceptional works never exhibited.

The exhibition "100% Italy. Hundred Years of Masterpieces" will be divided as follows:

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  • Turin

Museo Ettore Fico

Novecento Current Informal Abstraction

MEF Outside

Pop Art

Mastio della Cittadella

Optical Minimalism Arte Povera Conceptual

Palazzo Barolo

Transavanguardia New International Figuration

  • Biella

Palazzo Gromo Losa


Territory Museum

Second Futurism

  • Vercelli


Metaphysical Realism Magico NeoMetafisica

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Dates: 21 September 2018 - 10 February 2019

Time: 10:00 - 18:00 

Turin various places


Full ticket € 10 - Reduced tickets: € 8 over 65, teachers and affiliated institutions -

Ticket reduced: € 5 from 13 to 26 years and groups (minimum & people) -

Cumulative for all sites € 25 - holders of Museum Subscriptions Torino Piemonte, Torino + Piemonte Card, Torino + Piemonte Contemporary Card, MACT / CACT Art Contemporary Art Tessentino

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