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There are plenty of itineraries for motorcyclists in the whole Liguria region. We have selected some of them for you! [Video]

If you are a biker, you can discover Ligurian beauties traveling and enjoying regional cuisine specialties. You can enjoy some beautiful beaches, so many routes in the countryside and even villages where time seems to have stopped. Everywhere in Liguria you are going to find an ancient heritage of tastes and flavors.



In Liguria there is not only the sea, there are also the mountains. This itinerary reaches the French border and it is located right in the heart of the Ligurian Alps. The starting point is Sanremo in the direction of Bordighera and Ventimiglia. Follow the Ligurian coast for about twenty kilometers and then take the deviation for Dolceacqua, a nice medieval village with his bridge and the Castle of Doria’s family. Once you get in Dolceacqua, the itinerary rises in the Ligurian Alps and continues on the provincial road no. 54 until Isolabona and Pigna. It is a road full of curves. Then there is the provincial road no. 65 that allows you to reach the Colla di Langan and the fork of Colle della Melosa, from there the road rises and crosses the national border. In a few kilometers of dirt road, you reach the Colla di Sanson, from which you can admire a beautiful view of the whole area of Ligurian Ponente.  

Now the road begins to descend towards Triora, the village of witches in the province of Imperia. You will get in Triora through a path full of curves that all bikers will like. Once you cross Molini di Triora the itinerary goes to the left along the provincial road 17 towards the Passo della Teglia. Once you pass the fork with the provincial road no. 21, turn to right towards the sea to come back to Sanremo passing through Badalucco and Taggia.


The road surface has several irregularities because of the particular morphology of the territory and the frequency of landslides, which often cause the sudden closure of some roads. For this reason, we advise you to ask someone about the condition of the roads before starting this route.

Another itinerary starts from Alassio and takes you into the inland of the Ligurian Ponente, on a path between the hills and the sea. From Alassio you can reach the Santuario della Madonna della Guardia taking the Via Aurelia in the direction of Laigueglia and Andora. You should arrive at the foot of Cervo. From there follow the directions for Chiappa and Villa Faraldi and admire the beautiful view. Then the road goes down again in the Via Aurelia, where you can reach Diano Marina in a short time. From Diano Marina you can go to Diano San Pietro. Once you pass the port of Diano, the itinerary continues in the first road on the right side, that rises to the Ligurian Alps towards Moltedo and Diano Arentino, before joining the provincial road no. 82. The curves increase and you begin to climb between the traditional Ligurian terraces overlooking the sea. In Chiusanico turn right to turn into the provincial road no. 29 and then overcome the bends of Colle San Bartolomeo; after a short stretch on the SS28 you turn once again to the right following the indications for Borghetto d'Arroscia and entering the wonderful Alta Valle of stream Arroscia.

Few miles after Borghetto, you have to turn left towards Leverone, Costa Bacelega and Onzo, where an amazing scenery opens up.If you go on state road no. 453, in short time you can arrive at the Airport of Villanova d'Albenga. From here, you can descend again towards the sea along the provincial road no. 55.

Just over a kilometer away from Caso, you will find road signs for the Santuario della Madonna della Guardia. From here you will see a view over the sea that will allow you to relax and enjoy a truly unique landscape.

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