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Menton Music Festival: life is like music, a beautiful symphony

From July 28th to August 11th 2018 the Music Festival will take place in Menton

Menton Music Festival: life is like music, a beautiful symphony

The whole life is music. Destiny is like a conductor, who rules everything with his baton. Like music, life presents its solfeggio, its allegretto and with the same genius mixes its influences to reinvent itself without respite. Like a song, existence does not satisfy metric rigor. On the contrary, it improvises, without changing the rhythm which it must follow, the keys and the codes. Life as music is classical and contemporary, penetrating and moving, wise and nonconformist, "Powerful spiritually and emotionally", to paraphrase Joshua Bell, an American violinist.

On the square of Saint-Michel the Music Festival of Menton is celebrating the sixty-ninth anniversary with some symphonies by Bach and other important authors. It is the Summer Festival, where music and life come together with the warm energy of a languid night in the light of the stars. The voices rise up in this place that protects them like a treasure chest and touch the hearts of the public.

Concerts also in the Musée Jean Cocteau collection Severin Wunderman and on Esplanade Francis-Palmero.

You will have the chance, unique and precious as well as rare, to live every one of these wonderful moments to which you will be invited once more, with the support of the services of the City of Menton, Paul-Emmanuel Thomas, artistic director of the Festival, and a whole of great artists. No doubt that the 2018 Music Festival in Menton, from 28th July to 11th August, will bring you back into a carousel of emotions.


Judit Neuberger

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