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Recipe of the Week: Trofie with pesto, potatoes and green beans

Trofie with pesto, green beans and potatoes are a rather old and enriched version of pasta with pesto; the addition of potatoes and green beans really makes this dish very tasty - appealing to vegetarians as well.

Trofie with pesto, green beans and potatoes are a rather old and enriched version of pasta with pesto, the addition of potatoes and green beans really makes this dish very tasty - appealing to vegetarians as well. One can usually enjoy this recipe in local restaurants in Liguria where traditional Ligurian cuisine is served.

Trofie are a short, thin, twisted fresh pasta originally from Eastern Liguria. They are used in this recipe, although the same recipe comes with trenette pasta in Western Liguria instead. 


  • Trofie 4hg
  • string beans 3hg
  • potatoes 3
  • salt and extra-virgin olive oil


Clean the string beans and peel the potatoes. Cut the potatoes into 2-3cm slices and cut the string beans in half.

In a pot, get the water with salt to a boil, add the string beans first and the potates after 3 minutes; let boil for another 5 minutes. Then add the trofie and let cook for 7 minutes.

Drain all and add delicious Ligurian pesto. If necessary add extra-virgirn olive oil and a bit of grated parmesan cheese.

Best paired with a Vermentino white wine or an Ormeasco Pornassio Superiore DOC red wine.

Debora Bellotti

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