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Rafael Nadal & Monte Carlo Yachts, not only tennis!

World tennis champion Rafael Nadal chooses Monte Carlo Yachts 76 as his personal yacht.

World tennis champion Rafael Nadal chooses Monte Carlo Yachts 76 as his personal yacht.
Monte Carlo Yachts delivered the boat in Spring 2016, allowing the tennis player to get the most out of his brand new vesselalong the best beaches and bays the Mediterranean has to offer, in comfort and in style.

1. You grew up in beautiful Mallorca, the sea around. You had time to appreciate and respect that environment. Which are your best memories about the island, people living
there and the sea?

Well, that’s my world. I have always had the chance to be in contact with water. It is true that I come from a beautiful island like Mallorca. At the same time, I have always lived here between Manacor and Porto Cristo and I have been very close to the sea all my life. My father, ever since I was a kid, had a small boat and we always loved to go out diving. I still love the sea and it would be difficult to style my life without it today. Every time I have the chance, I come back to Mallorca to stay a bit away from everything.

2. You are recognized worldwide as one of the best tennis player ever. You travel a lot in the international scenario but maintain a strong link to your roots.  When you go back to Mallorca, how important is to find a MCY 76 waiting for you? Do you feel home onboard?

Actually, my yacht is one of the places where I spend most of the time when I am in Mallorca. I love to be back to the island and stay with my friends, my family and all the people that I really love. Being on board my MCY 76 gives me the chance to get away when I want. I love to be with people but, at the same time, the boat gives me the chance to get away and be by mysel, or only with the people that I want to be with, every time I need to. I love to have the boat always waiting for me, even if I don’t use it every time. It is so important to know I can use it every time I need it, this is something that makes me happy and helps me to enjoy and distract myself when I want.

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